Thursday, October 22, 2009

Our Scarecrow THIS Year

I've always made scarecrows with my classes at school for Halloween, and since Ella and Zoe were 18 months
we've made them at home too.

This post is dedicated to the making of this year's scarecrow.
First we stuffed the pants.

Then we stuffed the shirt . . .

. . . . and added the gloves.

After Mr. Pumpkin Man got his head, hanky and shoes
he got a great big kiss from Ella and Zoe . . .

. . . and a great big hug!!

After all that work Zoe and Ella decided their pumpkin man needed a nap, and covered him up so he was nice and cozy.

Later in the day we put our scarecrow out front
and found ALL of our pumpkins too.

It all went really well, except for Zoe's brief meltdown.
And then the one Ella had after Zoe calmed down.

But everything ended just fine.
I wonder if we can find anymore pumpkins??


~jd said...

i particularly LOVE the cabbage patch kid in his lap on the 3rd pic from the bottom :) that particular shot is either christmas card or calendar worthy!

Annie said...

I just love it. Is so nice that kids took part of some fun like that.