Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Time

Sunday evening we turned the pumpkins Ella and Zoe chose from our trip to the apple orchard into Jack'O'Lanterns.

Ella wanted her pumpkin to have a sad face with eyebrows, but without a nose or any eyes.
Like this (minus her nose and eyes):

Zoe wanted a kitty face, just like how hers was painted.

And since Tom is much better at carving pumpkins than I am, he was in charge of all that fun stuff while I manned the camera.

First he used a pencil and tried to capture the girls' jack-o-lantern visions (he only had to erase a few times before he got it 'right').

Then it was time to cut, carve, scoop and sort . . .

Zoe requested a hair accessory change (for herself) only once . . . .

. . . while Ella was content wearing her witch's dress and only wanted the orange circle painted on her cheek. It was a pumpkin without a stem, just like the pumpkin she chose.

Then it was time to light the candles.
(Tom loves using his mini-blow torch whenever he gets a chance)
Love Ella's expression : )

*Zoe's Final Product*

*Ella's Final Product*


Priscila said...

ooh my gosh they are so CUTE! Love the picture with her face painted with the pumpkin...so cute
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Heather said...

Love these pics. We just did our pumpkins over the weekend too. I need to get some pics of the final product though. How are blogs loading for you today?

Annie said...

Beautiful. It was a great experience for the girls and they look that enjoyed it.

PS: We never do this with the girls.

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

They did a great job carving their pumpkins! Your girls are adorable!

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

Sorry, I forgot to respond to your questions....
Hmm, not sure what was going on with my blog the other day! I will have to check on it. Thanks!

Both girls have become very dramatic at 4. They will cry so until you can not understand them sometimes. I will say Okay, listen, I can not help you or understand you if you do not stop crying. They will normally calms down to tell us what is wrong but the crying/screaming still occurs with every fight, etc. UGH!