Saturday, October 24, 2009

The First Two Scarecrows

Ella and Zoe were only 6 months for their 1st Halloween
and during that crazy time of having two babies we didn't get around to making one. But for the girls' 2nd Halloween (they were 18 months old), I had two big helpers and our family tradition began : )

Ella wore the pants in our family . . .

. . . but Zoe gave a hand.

Checking out Mr. Pumpkin Man,
but not too sure about it all.

Zoe and Ella were 2 1/2 for their 3rd Halloween
and were really into the whole scarecrow-making process.
They thought it was so funny when we put only the pants on the chair.

And they took their job of stuffing newsprint in the shirt . . .

. . . very seriously.

Last year they couldn't get enough of Mr. Pumpkin Man.
We kept him inside for a few days and the girls sat on his lap, read books to him, took his head off . . . . those sorts things.

And before we went Trick-or-Treating
they even had to say goodbye to their Mr. Pumpkin Man.
He was kind of part of the family : )
*Pumpkin Placement by Ella and Zoe*

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Annie said...

I'm back!! Great memories and I like the tradition.

Happy Sunday