Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Circus

Last Saturday we went to the Minneapolis Shrine Circus, and all four of us enjoyed 'the greatest show on Earth'. Each act was so entertaining for ladies and gentlemen, for boys and girls of all ages : )

We saw tigers (crazy).
*click on photos to make larger*

We saw ponies (loved their colors).

We saw acrobats (oh my goodness).

We saw Sheep Dogs doing tricks (I think they are smarter than the average person -- these dogs were hilarious).

We saw lots of hula-hoops in rainbow colors (wow!!).

We saw jugglers
(though the girls thought their Dad should have been part of this act).

We saw elephants. We loved the elephants.

And we even rode ON an elephant!!
It was AWESOME!!!!!
This is not us, but it's what we would have looked like if someone had taken a picture : )

Here we are after the elephant ride.

We even saw CLOWNS (another big hit)!!

And of course, the show ended with The Human Cannonball.

Ella enjoyed herself so much she was dancing while sitting
(which is not easy to do).

And this is how Zoe looked while watching the acrobats and dancers.

The actual circus event was fabulous,
but I'm really getting a kick out of watching and listening to Ella and Zoe pretend to be the Wild Kitty Trainer, The High Wire Walker, The Silly Clowns, The Acrobat Dancers, The Juggler, etc., etc.,
I love how much of the circus came HOME with us.
And we didn't even buy one souvenir!

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Annie said...

I love circus. Some are great and others no,, but I like it and also the girls.